Modern Black

Charcoal on the surface is removed, and the yakisugi is coated in a water based paint. Surface weather resistance is improved, while leaving the feeling of yakisugi. Applying an additional surface coat every five to eight years is recommended. Japanese very famouse Archtect Yosifumi Nakamura develope this product Modern Black with us. Black color remain for long time(more than 10 years) in Japan.
3.0m & 4.0m only
Cross Section
163x15mm and custom size
*Due to solid wood, small difference on sizes, cupping, cracks should be allowed.
*Lead time is usually about 30days after the order. However, make sure to confirm each time.

Modern Black photos

Cross the ages

After 2 years
After 8 years

Custom order

We can make custom order YAKISUGI.

Modern Black articles

*Photographs may appear different from actual colors due to the way they are taken.
Cut samples are available, so please check the cut samples for the actual color.